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To demonstrate "proof of concept” for triazole based NCEs efficacy for the treatment of vitiligo

 Vitiligo is a skin condition in which white patches appear on the skin due to the death of color producing cells. This debilitating disease is a cause of immense psychological torment and is considered as a social stigma. At Ahammune, their endeavour is to resolve and treat the long-standing skin depigmentation disorder Vitiligo that has affected the life of millions of people. We are currently developing new chemical/molecular entities (NCE/NME’s) for stalling the spread of depigmentation in Vitiligo.


  • Ahammune has received 3 years Tax exemption from the Inter Ministerial Board, GOI.
  • Ahammune Biosciences won 1st prize in the Pitch Fest under Small Molecules, Biologics and Biotech category at Start Up Bio 2017 in Bangalore
  • Ahammune Biosciences  wins “Most promising startup team of the year award” at Clarion Call 2.0 organised by IIM Calcutta Alumni Association.