Application mentoring

Venture Center provides mentoring to the applicant through out BIG application process.

  • Meeting in person or over phone to understand applicant’s idea that he/she plans to submit under BIG scheme.
  • Discussion of BIG scheme guideline document that includes scheme purpose, supported areas (suggestion in which area your application will fall into), eligibility criteria (w.r.t. your case), technical details, screening process, budget planning, incubation services with respective incubators, etc.
  • Explaining and sharing BIG pre-application PPT followed by working together on the PPT. This PPT could be later uploaded with the application as a concept note.
  • Numerous follow on meetings for technical and business mentoring will let you sharpen:
    •  Technical feasibility of the idea
    •  Novelty
    • Value proposition
    • Commercialization strategy
    • Team strength
    • Strategy to overcome challenges
    • BIG project plan
  • Brief description of application form (technical + information) including what is to be filled in a particular section w.r.t. applicant’s idea, documents to be uploaded, etc.
  • Thorough explanation of step-by step application process, if required.
  • If applicant plans to incubate at Venture Center, explaining services offered with discounts to BIG grantees followed by process of LOI issue.