Endimension Technology





Endimension Technology PVT LTD

Using Artificial Intelligence for abnormality detection in and analysis of medical images

Endimension technology private limited is an impactful, fast-paced organisation working towards developing highly accurate AI solutions for medical image analysis. Our startup is incubated in the heart of Mumbai at SINE, IIT Bombay, where we work in a stimulating and focused yet fun environment.Our research team, engineers and colleagues work with hospitals & healthcare professionals to integrate impactful solutions, by detecting minute abnormalities in medical images, and help patients access treatment as quickly and accurately as possible.

  •  Selected as one of the top ten startups from India to be part of Academia Industry Training (AIT) in Switzerland.
  • Endimension has been recognized as among top 100 startups in 2018 in Maharashtra by Maharashtra State Innovation Society.