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FlexiOH: Breathable, Washable and Lightweight cast immobilization for fractured bone

Being an industry first, we have come up with a novel orthopedic immobilizer which can solve problems associated with conventional casts. FlexiOH®, the first of its type, solves three main issues associated with conventional casts which include – breath-ability, wash-ability and weight. The immobilizer has been designed to suit patient’s skin, comfortable and allows day-to-day activities with comparative ease. With FlexiOH® technology, it is sure to revolutionize the bone immobilization therapy by providing better care and comfort With our first step, we have come up with a product – FlexiOH® which is going to revolutionize the healing experience of patients suffering from bone fractures. FlexiOH® had designed by keeping in mind the patient comfort and ensuring effortless day to day activities. It is washable, breathable and lightweight, giving ultimate comfort during bone healing


  • Top 10 promising Startup – CII Industrial Innovation Award 2016
  • BIRAC- SRISTI Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) award and Grant 2015
  • Gold medal for Top 10 innovative Technology- DST- Lockheed IIGP-2016