OmniBRx biotechnologies 

OmniBRx Biotechnologies PVT LTD

Proof of concept studies to validate innovative dynamic bed reactor technology by evaluating growth potential of mammalian cell lines

OmniBRx Biotechnologies strives to revolutionize the quality, scalability and predictability of biologics manufacturing including vaccine, M’Abs and therapeutic mammalian protein production.We are a biotech company specifically focused on upstream bioprocessing solutions. We have entered in the bioprocessing market with the most advanced, efficient and scalable CellBRx range of bioreactors for adherent cell culture bioprocessing. We are ready to serve and be a trusted partner with global biopharmaceuticals to develop and manufacture game-changing bioprocessing solutions. We manufacture automated single-use perfusion bioreactor systems and provide custom services for GMP production from pre-clinical to commercial in mg to kg quantities.