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PadCare’s holistic and advanced menstrual waste management system substantially reduces the number of deaths and illnesses caused by air, water and soil pollution that may be induced by otherwise buried or burnt pads.

It also reduces the chances of infections in women who change pads in public toilets and waste-pickers who collect menstrual waste without a protective gear.

PadCare is an automated hygiene management system that generates harmless, recyclable output out of used sanitary napkins.

Through multi-step mechanics, it breaks down absorbent sanitary waste into two by-products – cellulose and plastic.

Achievements in News

  • Forbes News Article- 1 November 2021
  • FICCI- ISC award 2020
  • Tata social enterprise challenge 2020
  • National Bio Entrepreneurship Competition 2019
  • Toilet Board Coalition 2019
  • Birac Soch Innovations 2019
  • Innovative Startup 2019
  • Infosys Aarohan 2018
  • Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention 2018