Sense it out Intelligent sol 

Sense It Out Intelligent Solution PVT LTD

To demonstrate Proof of concept for a low-cost, crop-centric, automated irrigation management system hardware + software using scalable wireless technology with the help of a novel low-cost soil evapotranspiration sensor.

Sense it Out Intelligent Solutions is an Agri-Tech startup with a vision to make technology affordable for farmers and maximize the crop yield.Sense it Out’s product SICCA (Sensor-based Intelligent Crop Centric Automation) maximizes yield by optimizing the use of water and fertilizers. It is a wireless sensor-based IoT product which automates the Irrigation (Phase-I) & Fertigation (Phase-II) system using agri-research know-how. The Machine Learning algorithms help make intelligent decision-making and thus making the solution crop and farm centric.The startup is co-founded by an IIT Bombay alumnus, Jasveer Singh and a Nanotechnology expert Dr. Abhay Hake.  The startup is incubated by ICAR – Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi & is also supported by NASSCOM 10K startups