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Novel Chitosan derivative for building SAR in plants: specifically leaf blight of Pomegranate caused by Xanthomonas sp

Swasti Agro has patented, non toxic, biotechnology products, which empower  farmers to mitigate risk caused by crop diseases. They have develop preventive “vaccines” for plants. Swasti’s three pronged program “BioAvert I” gives preventive solutions in the form of blocking pathogen entry, increasing beneficial microbes and stimulating plant defense mechanism. The “HiFarm” services provide advice based on – Hyper spectral imaging, Field analysis techniques, root zone analysis and microscopy

  • Achievements:
  • Swasti Agro has won Stage 3 award of Millennium Alliance Round 5
  • Swasti Agro won “National Agripreneurs Award 2017
  • Swasti Agro is selected as one of the three finalists for “Time India Startup Sustainability Pioneer of the Year” award
  • Swasti won Gold Medal at DST- Lockheed Martin “India Innovation Growth Program
  • Mobile for Good India Award 2015
  • Swasti wins Times Network “Digital India Award