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Novel process for manufacturing of D-Penicillamine

To establish proof of concept for asymmetric synthesis of D-Penicillamine by a novel process followed by piloting on KG scale to
arrive at the the finalized commercial costs and initiate the commercial manufacturing. The ultimate objective is to capture the entire
market for this product by designing a highly economical and environmentally friendly process.
The chiral auxiliary will be synthesized and patented and the application explored only for synthesis of D-penicillamine.
Samples up to 1 Kg and piloting up to 25 KG scale will be carried out.
The proposal employs oxazolones whose synthesis is well established and justified in literature. The novelty lies in engaging well
known ideas and housing the oxazolones on tartaric acid for a commercially and environmentally friendly process.


  • Indian Patent filed
  • PCT application filed