Tania Paul


Tania Paul

Compositions and method for managing hemophilia and other multiple coagulation disorder using Chromolaena odorata.

Haemotan is for:Patients suffering from Multiple bleeding disorders like – Hemophilia A and B, Von Willebrand’s disease, Thrombo-cytopenia, Post partum hemorrhages,
Post – operative bleeding, Bleeding gums Heavy menstruation and Intestinal
bleeding or Colitis.

Value for customer:
The available drugs in the market are not targeted for multiple bleeding
disorders while the present formulation is multidirectional and can generate
revenues from National and Inter – national markets.

What need will it fulfill: The Prototype (Haemotan) will reduce excessive blood loss in Trauma, Surgery, Thrombocytopenia, Hemorrhages and in genetic disease like Hemophilia.


  • Patent filed