Testimonial by Dr. Sivasankar Baalasubramanian, ,Co-Founder & CEO ImmunitasBio Private Limited

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the invaluable support and guidance provided by Venture Center, Pune, throughout our BIRAC BIG grant application process.

As the co-founder and CEO of ImmunitasBio Private Limited, and the Principal Investigator for the BIRAC BIG grant choosing Venture Center as our BIG grant partner has proven to be an excellent decision.

From the inception of our collaboration, the team at Venture Centre demonstrated exceptional efficiency and professionalism. They promptly provided all the necessary information required for the application process and offered valuable guidance every step of the way. The team’s dedication was evident from the beginning, making the application process streamlined and accessible.

Venture Centre’s commitment to excellence was further demonstrated when, after clearing the initial stage, they facilitated mentorship to help us address queries raised by the reviewers. The mentors provided invaluable insights and guidance on how to enhance our application, aligning it with the expectations of the Technology Evaluation Panel (TEP).

The Venture Center team’s extensive knowledge of the TEP process and their understanding of the grant’s expectations played a pivotal role in refining our presentation for the TEP. Their support proved instrumental, leading to our grant emerging as the top scorer in the diagnostics category.

We are truly grateful for the positive experience we’ve had with Venture Center as our BIG grant partner. The excellence of their guidance has undoubtedly contributed significantly to our success in this endeavour.

Thank you once again for your unwavering support and commitment to fostering innovation and research in the biotechnology sector. We look forward to continuing our collaborative journey.


Testimonial by Srikar Raman, CEO and Cofounder, Tvaster Genkalp, BIG 23 Grantee

On behalf of Tvaster’s team, we extend our deepest gratitude to the esteemed Venture Center team for their invaluable assistance, which proved instrumental in securing the prestigious BIG grant. Our journey with Venture Center was marked by professionalism, expertise, and unwavering support.

We express our heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Shalini Singh, whose dedicated guidance and unwavering support propelled us forward from inception to triumph. Dr. Singh’s accessibility and wealth of knowledge were invaluable assets throughout our collaboration.

Furthermore, we extend our sincere thanks to Dr. Premnath for his dedicated efforts and invaluable insights. Dr. Premnath’s meticulous attention to detail and constructive feedback significantly enhanced the quality of our presentation, thereby contributing to our success in securing the grant.

The support and expertise provided by Venture Center were indispensable to our achievement. Without their guidance and assistance, our accomplishment would not have been attainable. We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with such a distinguished team, and we look forward to continued partnership and success in the future.

Testimonial by Shraddha Bashetti, BIG 23 Grantee

I would like to thank BIG team at Venture Center for the all the support during the entire BIG Application and TEP process. Dr. Premnath ‘s mentoring sessions have been very insightful for planning the BIG project and to defend the comments by the reviewers. Also, Shalini ma’am and Pallavi ma’am were always available to solve any of my doubts. Dr. Mugdha, as my mentor during EIR also provided me insights on my presentation for the TEP.

Testimonial by Dr. Supriya Kheur, Prodent Institute of Dentistry, LLP

Thank you so much for extending your expertise and guidance to me and my team members during my entire BIG journey. We were indeed very happy to interact with the authorities of the Venture Center. Their ready availability was well appreciated. I wanted to put on record the suggestions made by Smita Kale, Pallavi Bawaskar, and Shalini Singh, who played a pivotal role in improvising our deliberations during BIG.

I extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your guidance and cooperation.

Testimonial by Dr Renuka Ballal, Droplets Innovative Incinerators Private Limited, BIG 23 Grantee

It is a great pleasure for me to share our experiences with the Venture team. I, Dr. Renuka Bharat Ballal hereby inform you that our company ‘Droplets Incinerators Pvt Ltd secured 75.81 score in the Industrial Biotechnology category and qualified for Biotechnology Ignition Grant. The journey gets started with primary interactions with Dr. Kavita Parekh. She appreciated the concept of the project and introduced our team to Dr. Shalini, Dr. Smita Kale, and Pallavi.

Dr. Shalini and Dr. Smita Kale took tremendous efforts in explaining the art of project writing, art of powerpoint presentation, how to highlight the project with respect to SWOT Analysis etc. The way they mentored us was simply admirable. All mentors of the venture extended their services with no time bars. Few times our team asked queries late at night and also on holidays. With no hesitation Dr. Shalini, Dr. Smita Kale and Pallavi explained the queries up to our satisfaction. Without their help this achievement was not possible for us. Project management by the Venture team was excellent and unbelievable. Those organized regular meetings in the context and updated BIG related issues without time lag. 

Thank you for your mentoring for my BIG 23!! by Mamta Jaiswal, BIG 23 grantee

I am so happy to get selected for BIG 23 final awardees. Thank you for your mentoring, support, and handholding of my application throughout the process. I would like to thank Dr. Shalini, Dr. Premnath, Ms. Pallavi, and Dr. Smita Kale. Your mentoring process for me was exceptional. Starting from mentoring to making me confident to apply for BIG23 application to the TEP preparation, every stage of this journey with Venture Center has been nothing short of transformative. I am delighted to share the exceptional experience that I have had with Venture Center throughout the BIG 23 application.

Venture Center’s mentoring stands out as a cornerstone of my success in being selected as a BIG 23 finalist. The mentors Ms. Pallavi, Dr. Shlalini, and Dr. Premnath provided invaluable insights, guidance, and a wealth of industry knowledge which was crucial for achieving this grant for someone like me who was primarily academic and had a research-oriented mindset. Your unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship has been instrumental in shaping the direction of my BIG application. The personalized attention to my application and constructive feedback I received during mentoring sessions significantly contributed to the refinement and success of my venture especially when I was applying as an individual. Though I am a protein biochemist and have strong experience in Nanobody technology, I am very confident about my project idea. However, I was not confident enough to apply for the BIG 23 call as an individual. I am so happy that I contacted Ms. Pallavi and Dr. Shallini. They have gone through my first draft of the application and their response was so encouraging that there was no looking back.

Your structured approach and strategic guidance have been crucial in navigating the challenges of my BIG application and maintaining a focused trajectory toward success.

The management support provided by Venture Center has been exemplary. I feel fortunate to be connected with the Venture Centre team. Having experience with Indian and international working cultures for a long time, I was just in awe of the high level of professionalism, efficiency, and dedication of the whole venture center team especially Ms. Pallavi, Dr. Shalini, and Dr. Premnath, in all the steps to ensure the seamless execution.  Meeting schedules at your Venture Center were meticulously organized, ensuring that valuable time was utilized efficiently. The structured approach to meetings allowed for productive discussions and the timely resolution of issues of my BIG application. I owe Dr. Premnath for mentoring me during TEP preparation. The process of providing feedback on all the minute details to strengthen my application was rigorous yet immensely rewarding. The preparation process was comprehensive, covering all aspects of my project application. The TEP preparation sessions were conducted with a focus on constructive feedback, which further strengthened my business model and strategy. The TEP preparation at Venture Center is a testament to your commitment to ensuring that applicants are well-prepared to face the challenges during presentation in front of the review panel. Undoubtedly, I can say this level of mentoring was the best in my whole scientific experience.

Exceptional Journey with Venture Center! Sangeeta Sammanwar, Bio Spectronics Pvt Ltd. ,  BIG 23 grantee

I am delighted to express my utmost satisfaction with Venture Center, a journey that has been nothing short of exceptional. Ms. Shalini Singh, in particular, has played a pivotal role in making my experience truly remarkable. Venture Center provided unparalleled support in mentoring, ensuring that I received comprehensive guidance throughout the period. Ms. Singh’s expertise and dedication were evident in every interaction. When I embarked on the BIG BIRAC grant application, her guidance proved invaluable. As a newcomer to the process, she patiently walked me through the intricacies, making the entire procedure understandable and manageable. Meeting schedules for the TEP were diligently organized, allowing for focused and productive discussions. The structured approach to these sessions significantly enhanced the quality of our presentations and, consequently, our success in progressing through the BIG BIRAC rounds. Communication regarding all aspects related to BIG was clear, timely, and effective. This transparency facilitated smooth coordination and kept everyone involved well informed.

In summary, my experience with Venture Center has exceeded expectations. The combination of excellent mentoring, efficient project management, a cohesive team, well-organized meeting schedules, and effective communication has created an environment conducive to success. I extend my sincere gratitude to the entire Venture Center team, particularly Ms. Shalini Singh, for their unwavering support and expertise throughout this journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Venture Center to anyone seeking not just funding but a holistic and supportive environment for their entrepreneurial endeavours.

Mayur Shetty-: I’m indebted to the help and support throughout the BIG process, and I definitely couldn’t have asked for better funding managers than you. I look forward to staying in touch with you and would be happy to be associated with Venture Centre’s BIG team in the future in any capacity that I can. 
Thanks again!

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