Visint health care 

VISINT Health care PVT LTD

Development of smartphone based eye imaging system

VISINT coined from Vision and Intelligence, which effectively states our Vision of developing Intelligent Vision care solutions for efficient public health delivery to meet eye care needs in India and scalable globally. Our Mission is to develop cost-effective and indigenous technology solutions to enhance doctor-patient relationship. Projects/Products- Visint Health Care facilitates research & development of innovative eye care products to meet the emerging public health care needs.

Visint Health Care supports both technical and clinical validation of these novel ideas and technology transfer to the market. We are also involved in projects like development of automated software for eye examination, module for training peripheral vision among subjects with central vision loss


  • Innovative Idea “OcuDA” received the Best Innovation award – DST-Lockheed Martin India Innovation Growth Program (IIGP) – 2013