Why choose Venture Center as BIG partner

1. Recognized as the best!

Venture Center is India’s No 1 Bioincubator for 2021 as surveyed by BioSpecturm Survey 2020-21. Venture Center has won the National Award for TBI (2015), AABI (Asian) Incubator of the Year (2018) and National Entrepreneurship Award (2019).

2. Mentoring at its best!

Venture Center has a strong in-house mentoring team led by Dr Premnath Venugopalan (himself a technology developer, startup founder, and an alumnus of MIT and IIT Bombay). The team is known for its depth and thought leadership. The Venture Center also has a large network of technical, business and other specialist mentors.

3. Peer group!

Venture Center boasts one of the strongest networks of entrepreneurs pursuing innovation-led biotech/ biomed ideas. Find entrepreneur mentors and role models.

4. Credibility and standards!

Venture Center team works hard to strengthen your case for technical soundness, scientific credibility, quality of study designs and high standards of work.

5. Efficient and responsive!

The BIG Partner team at Venture Center is known for efficiency, thoroughness and being responsive.

6. Entrepreneur first!

The BIG Partner team at Venture Center takes many actions to put entrepreneur concerns first and ensure predictability in milestones and reporting requirements, timely release of funds, and planning for longer-term success of the grantee even beyond the grant period. We help grantees plan realistic milestones but also teach them to achieve milestones that can impact their future ability to raise investments.

7. Visibility!

Venture Center has an active program of showcasing its grantees and incubatee through various media channels and forums.

8. Funding programs!

Venture Center has a funding database accessible to all its grantees. Venture Center operates multiple fellowship, grant and seed funding programs. Venture Center works with more than 20 CSR grantors to create funding pockets for startups in its networks.

9. Networks!

In the last 15 years, Venture Center built extensive networks across the startup world, academia, R&D labs, industry, hospitals, NGOs, service providers etc. The Venture Center team may have a connect for you for need definition, customer discovery and validation, testing and trials and market entry related needs.

10. Track record!

Most (93% ) of the individual applicants who choose Venture Center as BIG Partner founded a startup.

99% of the grantees completed their BIG project successfully.

98.5% of grantees are still active as startups

A total of 50+ Grantees have raised more than Rs 160 Cr +  in follow on funding.

Out of the 66 closed projects, 75% of grantees have commercial products or services in the market.