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Innovative scar-free organ retractor for reduced port laparoscopic surgery
IT uses the unique mechanism to enable an intra-op connection between a thin suture outside the body cavity and a large atraumatic endo-grasper inside the abdomen, for reduced port laparoscopic surgery.In current practice, surgeons use around 5 ports for laparoscopic surgery, each making an incision of 5-10 mm in diameter. The problem with the current state is that out of these 5 ports, 2-3 are often used merely for organ retraction and an assistant surgeon is needed to hold the retractor instruments at various angles.
Croleon has developed the EndoConnect organ retractor:
For reduced-port laparoscopic surgery
– scar-free, less pain, faster recovery for patients
– atraumatic on organs
– easy to use for surgeons
– intra-op adjustments without interrupting surgery
Additional devices to complete the surgical suite offering are being developed for automation of additional tasks currently carried out by assistant surgeons.